Every university management system is known to have several issues within the system. ERP software solutions have, however, launched the concept of management through a predefined system that is launched at every level and function. ERP software launchers promise to change the scenario by offering a platform that will work at every stage. Listed are a few things that educational institutions can expect.

1. Systemized control: Every college that deals with parallel running functions will find ERP software extremely useful. It will implement systematization in every primary and corner function of the enterprise. As such, the top management will be able to control all departments and functions in a decided manner.

2. Simplified data recording: Earlier the process of data management was semi manual, which reduced the efficiency of all functional departments. With ERP, the data will be recorded in an advanced manner without any option of manipulation, intentional and unintentional mistakes. The data so recorded will be stored on a central system server, which will only be accessible by those management employees who are actually authorized to do the same.

3. Customizing the university: It is quite evident that though all university functions operate under a single roof, the process and objectives of each department is quite different. There are numerous functions that cannot be merged with others. However, ERP solutions will ensure that every goal of every department is integrated with the main goal of the organization. Also, this will ensure that the actual accounts reflect the position of the overall university gains and losses.

4. Simplified report generation: The process of accounts access and integration are known to be a gigantic task for the management. With ERP software, the entire problem is minimized as there are simplified systems that will generate real time reports from the existing information in the form of tables, charts and fact sheets.

5. Simplified platform for students and concerned parties: Every college wants to remain transparent with the outside parties and students. An ERP software solution will offer the same option to the management. The management can represent all data and information in the most accurate manner. The regulatory and concerned bodies like trustees, audit department, tax department, student unions, etc. will be able to access the performance of the management minutely. On the other, establishing a virtual platform through the ERP software will help students to know the various ongoing and upcoming new happenings and events of the college. In short, they can remain updated on the college events and can trace the relevant dates without much fuss.